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Increase Your Mobility with Physical Rehabilitation

With thousands of residents in Lithonia facing ongoing injuries, physical rehabilitation is a necessary solution to help you restore your function and strength. Physical rehabilitation is an important treatment for those recovering from surgery, healing from an injury, or experiencing a disabling health problem.

Is an injury or illness affecting your day-to-day? Dr. Aaron Smith, D.C. provides holistic and non-invasive physical rehabilitation to improve the quality of your life.

What is Physical Rehabilitation?

Physical rehabilitation is the practice of restoring the body to its original condition after an injury or impairment affects the bones, spinal cord, joints, ligaments, muscles, and nerves. At a broader scope, rehabilitation helps patients re-learn skills and learn alternative ways of moving.

You can undergo physical therapy, occupational therapy, or both, depending on your needs. While physical rehabilitation is gradual and contingent on the underlying problem, there are several steps needed:

  1. Acute care: Helps stabilize your condition, which is especially important for those with serious injuries such as brain trauma or stroke.
  2. Inpatient rehabilitation: Helps patients gain independence and functionality with exercises.
  3. Outpatient rehabilitation: Focuses on the improvement and maintenance for long-term health.

Physical rehabilitation includes various methods like therapeutic exercises, balance training, mobility, and stretching to improve the alignment of your soft tissues and bones.

Dr. Aaron Smith will conduct a thorough physical and medical history examination to diagnose your pain and develop a personalized treatment plan based on your needs. You will also learn different exercises to increase your range of motion and coordination.

Why is Physical Rehabilitation Important?

Regardless of how minor your injury was, it’s in your best interest to go through physical rehabilitation to avoid negative side effects and improve your quality of life. With physical rehabilitation, you don’t need surgery or over-the-counter medicine. It’s a natural process that holistically lets your body self-heal and become less prone to future injuries.

You will also experience improved mobility and increased physical wellbeing through a customized plan to help you return to your normal activities more quickly.

Conditions Treated with Physical Rehabilitation

Many injuries and physical disabilities can affect your daily life and limit your ability to move normally. Physical rehabilitation helps the following health problems and more:

  • Stroke: Help you relearn daily activities
  • Spinal injury: Shorten recovery time for neck and back pain
  • Pain: Handle discomfort after an injury or operation
  • Joint conditions: Heal stiffness, pain, and movement issues

Physical Rehabilitation Treatment Options in Lithonia

Physical rehabilitation is an important part of recovering and restoring your body’s national functionality. Dr. Aaron Smith is experienced in chiropractic and physical rehabilitation to provide holistic health solutions for patients in recovery.

Do you have a recent injury or physical ailment? Schedule an appointment today at Ortho Injury and Wellness Center to get on the path of wellness.

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